The Emergence of Women’s Grand Slam Champions in the Open Era

Interestingly, in the 54 years in the Grand Slam era, 20 have seen new new women’s Grand Slam champions emerge (vs. 18 such years in men’s tennis). However, these years are not evenly spread out. There were six straight years of no new champions from 1981–86 when Evert and Navaratilova dominated the game. Conversely, since 2000, there have been only four years that have seen no new champions.

Fun fact — both Serena Williams and Venus Williams won their first Grand Slam titles before Jennifer Capriati won her first.

A similar quick take of emergence of Grand Slam winners by year, in the men’s game can be found here.



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Vishnu Vasudev

I write mainly about my experience as a listener of Carnatic music.